Mission Moments

May 23, 2011 at 7:26 PM

“Mission moments” is most often a term used within the church community to refer to connecting the work of individual members to the wider church organization. But let’s expand this meaning …

According to Lori Jacobwith a mission moment is defined as “any example of how your organization is making an impact. It’s an example about a real person, family, or human situation”.

Mission moments are short, inspirational examples of your work that put a face on what you do. They are stories and examples that can be repeated by others because they are not too long. They are inspiring and often give visibility to something you’d like to do more of but due to limited resources you simply can’t do all that you’d like.

Mission moments tell a story …

Mission moments should always invoke feelings, good or bad …

Mission moments are a great way to start off a one-on-one donor meeting …

Mission moments should come from your staff and volunteers …

So, how do you begin collecting these stories ….

  1. Make time at each staff, board, and committee meeting to share story.
  2. Just one “mission moment” is enough to be shared at each meeting.
  3. Rotate who shares, one person should not dominate. It is important that everyone can share their experiences working with your organization.
  4. The stories don’t have to be long; keep the sharing to literally a minute or two at the most.
  5. Make no rules about what the mission moment is about. One person may relay a story about a client while another may share a story about something they overheard or witnessed.
  6. Get people talking and connecting about your mission, your stories, your impact…

Ultimately you want to build awareness and identify volunteer and donor prospects. Sharing these mission moments can be the most powerful way to migrate a hesitant supporter to a strong advocate. Mission moments can also be utilized to generate social media conversations and interest.

I would love to hear your mission moments. Consider sharing them here in this forum. What do you do? Whose life have you impacted lately?


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