How to: embed YouTube code on your Web site

July 9, 2011 at 12:53 PM

Today Web sites must incorporate an interactive feel that engages the visitor from every page.  It is vital that you integrate video in your Web site in several strategic places: home page, volunteer sign-up, donor impact and landing pages for any form or action request. This is very easily done. In the past nonprofit organizations had to fill valuable server storage space with video and many nonprofits could not afford to sacrifice this space. With free accounts through either YouTube or Vimeo nonprofit organizations no longer have to make these choices. This particular article focuses on the Power of YouTube.

YouTube is the second leading search engine behind Google and a video-sharing site where everyone, every business and every nonprofit can upload videos for others to view. By having a YouTube channel for your organization, you will be able to increase your online video presence and store a variety of videos on the YouTube domain.

There are many different ways to decide on what type of videos you should upload. A large part of it depends on the type of services and programs your organization provides. It may be as simple as a video of volunteers serving your community or testimonials of clients. Be aware that if you choose to upload confidential video, it will be live and available for public consumption.

However, the most fantastic aspect of YouTube is the ease at which you can take an uploaded video from your YouTube channel and place this video on your Web site. The YouTube video player and video will be presented on your Web site through the use of a simple embed code.

1.      Log in to your YouTube Account.

2.      Choose Upload from the top navigation to the left of your handle (highlighted in yellow).

3.      Choose to either upload the video from the center of the page or use a Web cam to record your video.

4.      Once your Video is saved go to your channel.

5.      You will choose the appropriate video from the right navigation list of available videos.

6.      Choose to share your video.

7.      Right-click on the video and simply copy the embed code.

8.      You can also share the video via social media and email using the links and URLs provided.

9.      Finally, paste the embed code into the Web page where you would like to view the video.

10.  Save and view video embedded directly on your Web site.


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